Regardless of the fact that the web hosting service provided by the different companies is de facto the same, each provider has got a customized platform with its own modifications and different ways to perform certain procedures. In such a case, an exhaustive knowledge base will be truly helpful both for persons with no practical experience and for technically advanced individuals who will sooner or later learn how certain tasks are done, but will waste precious time meanwhile. The aim of such a knowledge base is to make the service quick and easy to use, saving users loads of time and energy. The consequence is more satisfied customers, since they can quickly find the info they want, and significantly less work for the client support staff members, because usually the vast majority of the inquiries and difficulties that clients have are already described in the knowledge base. On the condition that the articles themselves are expertly written and encompass more things, you will be able to find out more not only about your account, but also about the hosting service as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Hosting

All Linux shared hosting packages that we are offering feature an extensive knowledge base where you can find everything you may ever need to know in regards to your web hosting account. Irrespective of whether you wish to create a new MySQL database, to forward a domain name by means of an .htaccess configuration file or to create an email address on your computer or mobile phone, you can simply read our step-by-step help articles and all the info that you need will be there. When you visit a certain section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you will see articles that pertain to the features that you can access through it. If you prefer to check the complete article list and get familiar with all the functions that Hepsia offers, or simply to read general info about the web hosting service, you can browse through the whole knowledge base, which can be accessed through the Help menu in your Control Panel. We have done our utmost to encompass any complication that you might possibly run into, but in case you don’t find the info that you desire, you can always get in touch with us, as our client support staff members are working 24/7.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We have prepared an in-depth online knowledge base for all our present and potential clients, so in case you purchase a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you’ll be able to find any info that you are searching for at any time. We’ve got a large number of educational articles, which will help you understand better what is going on in your semi-dedicated server account – "What’s PHP?" and "What are file permissions?" are simply two instances. Our instructional manuals will help you accomplish anything you like – extract an archive file, import a database, redirect a domain name, and so on. On top of that, we’ve also got troubleshooting guidelines, which will enable you to discover what causes a particular problem and the possible solutions for it. If you are not able to send e-mails or your domain name opens an HTTP 500 error message, for instance, you can resort to our knowledge base and fix the issue straight away. You can access the articles through any section of the Control Panel, as well as through the all-inclusive Help section.